Patterns that we follow

All day long, we keep on following the same patterns

We all keep on following the same things

Every day when the sun starts to set, it spreads it’s full light

Before disappearing

Colours of each sunsets that we witnessed everyday, seem to us pretty different

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It exactly not the same

Each setting of the sun carries it’s uniqueness

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It breaks the pattern every day

Through its various colours

Through its beautiful charms that comes each day in a unique way

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It gives us hope

It gives a light

It gives a life

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“Happy Blogging”

Let’s break the patterns

Try something new each day




Worrying about Tomorrow

We all face hardships

Difficulties of life



We all faced

Yes, all go through it


There’s always a new day

A new day that comes with a new hope

With a new dream

We all ready to see it

Without worrying about tomorrow

What it may bring

We don’t even care

We don’t even regret


We all have a better tomorrow

We all may have a better tomorrow ahead

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Dreams 🌌

Some dreams are just hard to see

They always cover our mind so deeply

It’s hard to remove them

It’s hard to find them

It’s hard to talk about them

It’s hard to lose them

It’s really hard to see them

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It’s hard to see them



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Love this song; Making all the things new … 🎵🎶

“Making all the things new”

By Doug Waterman

“I leave all the windows open

Let the light come through

Sunshine warm and golden

Morning making all the things new

Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


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Look at the colours

Wild, wonderful and true

Your breath light as a feather

Like little whisper in the room

Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


Home, my beginning and end


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Flower Exhibition 🌺

#nature #flowersphotography

Last week ended up with a great memory of the wonderful flower exhibition took place in our city

Race Course Park, Lahore

I entered there with my Mom and it was so much mesmerizing moment when I saw the first sight of it

Everybody was feeling so happy and their faces were full of wonders to see such beauties around themselves

There’s a large numbers of these flowers that were brightened in their own way

Life was looking so colorful as they were smiling at us

Participants from different colleges and universities have made a huge effort to made this happened for us

I love each corner and placing of the majestic flowers there

They were kept in wonderful pots that were made of mud

When the sun was about to set, the whole atmosphere added more beauty and magic there

I can’t even reveals that magic in words here

The artificial colourful lights were also adding the beauty

It was such a lovely day that ended up with a fabulous memory

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Autumn, the season of picking the golds



Autumn is the season of a new life ahead

It’s the season of enjoyment,accompany, hope and to dream about a new thing

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Whenever we walk along with the dry leaves

Whenever we touch the majestic nature of autumn, it feels a whole new world to us

A world of enchanting creatures hiding themselves

A world full of exotic vibes

My love for dry leaves is just everlasting, I had an amzing experience to see & feel the beauty of autumn in fully covered valleys

Through the mountains, these dry leaves were giving an everlasting impact

It was a worth watching site indeed

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Location: Kalash Valley, Northern Areas of Pakistan

It was such a charm to walk through it & to had some words with the beauties 🍂🍂

Autumn is my all time favorite season, I enjoy every bit of it …

The dry leaves that always tell the stories of the up coming new life and about that life also they have already lived so proudly

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(Image courtesy by bloggingwithmehreen)
(Image courtesy by bloggingwithmehreen)

Enjoy this season everyone

“Happy Blogging”

The clear blue sky 💙



Looking towards the sky always reminds me about something calm & peaceful

It’s so amazing to look at the clear blue sky

That’s just far beyond

That’s just simply marvelous

It reminds us of our destiny

Our hopes & dreams become higher whenever we all look up towards the sky

We always thank the ones who have given us the moments to cherish & to celebrate…

We all always have the desire to reach and to fly high towards the clear blue sky

Just fly high towards the limitless sky!

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