Lonely Roads 🏞

There’s a pleasure in the lonely roads

That go straight under the starry sky

Where’s the home of the inspiring ones

Tell the story of our regret & joys

There’s a great whisper in those lonely roads

That give us a never-ending hope …

“Good day”

The Image above was captured during my journey towards the North of Pakistan

That was an amazing experience indeed!


Inner Peace & Satisfaction

Inner peace that comes from how you behave with others

How you look at the things in a way that the others should appreciate it & not effect by them negatively

When you start appreciating the things around you, you start feeling the inner peace of mind

As I witnessed & had an unforgettable experience during my journey towards the North of Pakistan


An oldman who was I think above 70 year old that was selling some sweets, pastries etc. Then he came across to me & asked me to have some of them.

I wasn’t in a mood to eat, I wasn’t hungry at all …

But as he was smiling & as his eyes were shining just because of those eyes & his melted kind behavior, I bought one pastry.

He became so happy although I couldn’t understand his language but still his words were coming so closer to my heart

Then after sometime, I asked him for another one 😊

They were tasty also,Haha…

The inner peace, satisfaction & the true spirt of happiness, all these things that I felt was just beyond …

There are lots of things that happened in our daily life but still we don’t take notice or can’t able to understand them

Life is not just to have all the luxurious around you & not just having the best of everything.

There are lot of people that are having all the comforts of life but still they are not satisfied.

I mean still not satisfied after having a large manson, a priceless vehicles & the stuff that they are using or showing to raise their standards of living …

Yes, some of them are not still feel the spirit of satisfaction.

They don’t feel any satisfaction.

Thier souls are just like as if trapped by the cages of their own.

They are not letting go of themselves.

It’s the misery of their lives that can’t see or feel anything.

Inner peace comes from by the smile when you noticed on someone’s face after you had done something just to make them happy

Just to make them feel that they are also a part of a society & playing their important role.

When a cat passes before our door & if we give some water or milk to drink it

Then how much satisfaction comes from this act, we all can throughly feel it

A soul feels the happiness, it feels the true beauty, it feels that unsaid voice & the that touchness of a smile that mesmerize you

Let everyone around you to live happily

Let everyone around you to feel that inner peace & satisfaction

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“Happy Blogging”

Captured by me

Isn’t Life Beautiful?

Whenever we read a book under a tree & the slight wind touches our hair

The notes on the piano that melt our heart

When we pass back the smile to a little child

When we walk through the enchanting garden

When we all touch the tiny drops of the rain by our hands

Isn’t Life Looks Beautiful?

Then sometimes when the daily issues of life frustrate us & caught our thinking ,the voices that came … …

Why US?

Why ME?

“Even in a world with much sadness, at its essence, life is beautiful”
Precious words by Dianne Reeves

But when we find ourselves surrounding by a deep lush valley

On the top of a mighty mountain

Touching our feet in the river-water

Isn’t Life looks & feels beautiful?

The chirping of the birds when we open our bedroom window early in the morning that mesmerize our day

The faces of the children that we all captured in our camera that make the moment an unforgettable memory

The Reflection of the trees in the water that give us hope …

Isn’t Life Beautiful … !

All shots here are captured by me 💚❤

“Happy blogging”


Nature that gives us Hope

That always Inspire us as long as we all get closer to it, It just fills our heart with so much joys & refresh our mind n soul.

It gives us hope & freedom.



Whenever I feel sad or depressed ,I just always take a walk or sit along with the beautiful company of nature.

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”

Inspiring words by the poet

Ralph Waldo Emerson

No matter how hard the life is, there’s always something that keep us going ….



So we all must carry on with the life journey, one day there gonna be a better side for all of us ahead!