Positive vibes 🌈

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Blogging with Mehreen

It is always said to us,

“let’s just follow the vibes”

“let’s just get some vibes or something”

We always relate to eachother,in our thinking, in our way of expression & somehow in our needs

But can we just stop comparing & also relating with eachother in every sort of thing that we are sharing these days

Every single is an identical human being with separate needs & blessed with a great soul

The ability to see within yourself

Or otherwise, you can say like that when we all just stop comparing eachother

The ability to stop comparing to eachother

That is going to be work,

not only for ourselves but for the others also

Every person has vibes that is just his own

By his own side

Let that positivity

Let that energy should be free

Let those vibes followed you

Let the positive vibes be with you

Happy blogging!

I wasn’t here for a long time, busy in my home stuff & dealing some other matters as well

Stay safe & stay blessed everybody!

It’s good to be back here…


ABC News: Prince Harry says seeking mental health help ‘a sign of strength’, in new doco

ABC News: Prince Harry says seeking mental health help ‘a sign of strength’, in new doco. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-18/prince-harry-oprah-mental-health-docuseries-trailer-released/100147326

The Me You Can’t See premieres onΒ Apple TV+Β onΒ May 21.

Find the light πŸŒžβ˜„

The light that always comes through the window

That comes early in the morning to wake us up

Light comes from far away to make us think

To have faith on it

To play a vital role in our lives

That light is just beyond

It comes to realize that we all are same

We all have dreams to see

We all have lives to go on

We all have words to pass on

Light, just a light

That always wakes us up for a new day

& for the new beginning

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Our moments of life πŸ’œ

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The life that we all have spent

Is seems to be so different

To the life which we are living these days

The stories of our untold words

The memories that we all have shared

We are sharing again

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The hope of tomorrow to reunite again

To meet the new beginning once again

To be in the surrounding of so many smiles & laughter

The moments of celebration that we have enjoyed

Hope to enjoy once again

Time to remember the good time

& to cherish the best memories

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Together we can

In this worst & miserable time

We are together in all this

Together we can make it happened

Together we can change it

Together we can breathe by maintaining the distance

This distance does not keeping us apart

Our souls are together in this hour

Together we can solve it

Together we can pray for the relief

Let’s beat it together

Because together we can




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Steps πŸƒ



Sometimes you take the steps

And sometimes the steps take you along with you

Life counts steps


Steps count life too

There are steps that move forward

There are steps that move backwards

You follow steps

You unfollow steps

Some steps guide you

Some steps misguide you

Small steps

Giant steps

Sometimes you take both of them

There are good steps

There are also bad steps

Life folds the steps

Life unfolds the steps

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Steps to achieve your goals

Steps that lay aside your goals

Steps that go straight towards your future

Steps that goes back towards your past

Steps to take for the right decision on a right time

Steps that make you to take wrong decision

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As the time being worst

There should be need to take right & healthy steps

As it’s the need of an hour

Every life is important

Stay safe

Stay healthy





Patterns that we follow

All day long, we keep on following the same patterns

We all keep on following the same things

Every day when the sun starts to set, it spreads it’s full light

Before disappearing

Colours of each sunsets that we witnessed everyday, seem to us pretty different

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It exactly not the same

Each setting of the sun carries it’s uniqueness

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It breaks the pattern every day

Through its various colours

Through its beautiful charms that comes each day in a unique way

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It gives us hope

It gives a light

It gives a life

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“Happy Blogging”

Let’s break the patterns

Try something new each day




Worrying about Tomorrow

We all face hardships

Difficulties of life



We all faced

Yes, all go through it


There’s always a new day

A new day that comes with a new hope

With a new dream

We all ready to see it

Without worrying about tomorrow

What it may bring

We don’t even care

We don’t even regret


We all have a better tomorrow

We all may have a better tomorrow ahead

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“Happy Blogging”

Love this song; Making all the things new … πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆ

“Making all the things new”

By Doug Waterman

“I leave all the windows open

Let the light come through

Sunshine warm and golden

Morning making all the things new

Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


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Look at the colours

Wild, wonderful and true

Your breath light as a feather

Like little whisper in the room

Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


Home, where my heart is

Home, where my love lives

Home, my beginning and end


Home, my beginning and end


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