Isn’t Life Beautiful?

Whenever we read a book under a tree & the slight wind touches our hair

The notes on the piano that melt our heart

When we pass back the smile to a little child

When we walk through the enchanting garden

When we all touch the tiny drops of the rain with our hands

Isn’t Life Look Beautiful?

Then sometimes when the daily issues of life frustrate us & caught our thinking ,the voices that come to us frequently … …

Why US?

Why ME?

“Even in a world with much sadness, at its essence, life is beautiful”
Precious words by Dianne Reeves here

But when we find ourselves surrounding by a deep lush valley

On the top of a mighty mountain

Touching our feet in the river-water

Isn’t Life look & feel beautiful?

The chirping of the birds when we open our bedroom window early in the morning that mesmerize our day

The faces of the children that we all have captured in our camera that make the moment an unforgettable memory for us

The Reflection of the trees in the water that give us hope …

Isn’t Life Beautiful ?

“Seasonal Spring Flowers”
“Flower Carpet”
“Majestic Weather”
“Colourful Spring”
“setting of the sun”
“A peaceful riverside”

“Happy blogging”


(A rainy moment)

All shots have been captured by me during different moments of my life spent in nature ❤🌿

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