Walking along with the sunset 🌅

As talking about an amazing evening

I was along with my Mom

We had a great walk along with the setting of the sun

The cool breeze along with the flow of water was telling a whole new story

A story of calmness

A story of politeness

A story of lightness

The sight was just beyond

It was making a spell around us

Mom was feeling so relaxed so do I

Setting of the sun always make me feel so positive, so peaceful & full of life

There’s a world that is you just feel disappearing but a new Era that you can see rising on the other side.

These thoughts that always make a deep impact.

It may encourage you to catch the last remains of the day’s light

The sun is also symbolic of the mystery of life itself

By giving your time to your beloved ones

Always make you feel so satisfied with the setting of the sun !

“Happy Blogging”




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