Evening time


An evening time when the sun was about to set

Image courtesy by bloggingwithmehreen

A breeze was whispering in my ear slowly

“It’s time for new joys”

“It’s time for new wonders”

A song of freedom was whispering round me

Life is so closer to the one

that always seemed to be so far away

Cloudy clear blue sky was turning into a majestic one

A land of new hopes

A land of new dreams

Was waking up

Image courtesy by bloggingwithmehreen

The touch of the sunsetting


“How pretty this moment is”

“How happy this life is”

Image courtesy by bloggindwithmehreen

Each day brings it’s own joys & wonders with it

Just enjoy it!

Take a deep breath …

Life has so much to say …

Let it say it say it all!

Let it feel it all!

It’s our world

It’s our dreams

It’s our hopes

“Happy Blogging”






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