Rainy Drops

A rainy drop that always shine like a pearl

Always ready to make a fantasy

A sweet little girl was passing under these rainy drops

Her eyes were full of tears

But still she was blessed with a hope

A hope of finding some new paths for her journey

A hope of reaching towards her destination

The rainy drops fell on her like a soft cotton

They touched her & removed her tears on her face

She stopped crying,

She stopped worrying,

She stopped annoying,

Her eyes began to brightened

Her heart start calling her

“That there’s always a new day

A new start

A new hope

A new dream”

She start taking her steps fast to reach her destination

Then the drops stopped to fall on her way

They now searching the other ones to take a better care of them

To give them a never-ending hope

These rainy drops always tell the story of someone’s hope & destination…

“Happy Blogging”





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