Flower Exhibition 🌺

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Last week ended up with a great memory of the wonderful flower exhibition took place in our city

Race Course Park, Lahore

I entered there with my Mom and it was so much mesmerizing moment when I saw the first sight of it

Everybody was feeling so happy and their faces were full of wonders to see such beauties around themselves

There’s a large numbers of these flowers that were brightened in their own way

Life was looking so colorful as they were smiling at us

Participants from different colleges and universities have made a huge effort to made this happened for us

I love each corner and placing of the majestic flowers there

They were kept in wonderful pots that were made of mud

When the sun was about to set, the whole atmosphere added more beauty and magic there

I can’t even reveals that magic in words here

The artificial colourful lights were also adding the beauty

It was such a lovely day that ended up with a fabulous memory

Images courtesy by Bloggingwithmehreen

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