Steps 🏃



Sometimes you take the steps

And sometimes the steps take you along with you

Life counts steps


Steps count life too

There are steps that move forward

There are steps that move backwards

You follow steps

You unfollow steps

Some steps guide you

Some steps misguide you

Small steps

Giant steps

Sometimes you take both of them

There are good steps

There are also bad steps

Life folds the steps

Life unfolds the steps

(Image taken from Google)

Steps to achieve your goals

Steps that lay aside your goals

Steps that go straight towards your future

Steps that goes back towards your past

Steps to take for the right decision on a right time

Steps that make you to take wrong decision

(Image taken from Google)

As the time being worst

There should be need to take right & healthy steps

As it’s the need of an hour

Every life is important

Stay safe

Stay healthy





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