The clear blue sky 💙



Looking towards the sky always reminds me about something calm & peaceful

It’s so amazing to look at the clear blue sky

That’s just far beyond

That’s just simply marvelous

It reminds us of our destiny

Our hopes & dreams become higher whenever we all look up towards the sky

We always thank the ones who have given us the moments to cherish & to celebrate…

We all always have the desire to reach and to fly high towards the clear blue sky

Just fly high towards the limitless sky!

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Let’s travel around 🌍

“Let’s travel around” Image courtesy by bloggingwithmehreen

“When you are traveling, let’s make sure that the world is traveling with you”




We all come to known from the unknown

We all come to touch from the untouched

We all come to believe from the unbelieve

We all come to life … … We all come to feel … …

Let’s just travel around 🌍❤

Rainy Drops

A rainy drop that always shine like a pearl

Always ready to make a fantasy

A sweet little girl was passing under these rainy drops

Her eyes were full of tears

But still she was blessed with a hope

A hope of finding some new paths for her journey

A hope of reaching towards her destination

The rainy drops fell on her like a soft cotton

They touched her & removed her tears on her face

She stopped crying,

She stopped worrying,

She stopped annoying,

Her eyes began to brightened

Her heart start calling her

“That there’s always a new day

A new start

A new hope

A new dream”

She start taking her steps fast to reach her destination

Then the drops stopped to fall on her way

They now searching the other ones to take a better care of them

To give them a never-ending hope

These rainy drops always tell the story of someone’s hope & destination…

“Happy Blogging”





“Happiness is only real when shared” ❤

(Made by me)

It’s one of my most favourite quote of all times …

Well said by Christopher McCandless

Happiness is actually something that we feel inside us

We all feel happy whenever we share something to our world

Life is all about to be happy & to spread all its waves around …


It’s just like that rainbow that always catch the eyes of its watchers and shine with amazing positive colours


We all are busy in our day to day life working & fulfilling the needs …

But whenever we just take some of our time to share the positivity & happiness around us …

We all feel a true satisfaction & the purity inside us

Happiness is just one door step away from us & we all just have to take that step forward …

The world of happiness is much better one


Keep on sharing & spreading happiness around you …


“Happy Sharing”



Evening time


An evening time when the sun was about to set

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A breeze was whispering in my ear slowly

“It’s time for new joys”

“It’s time for new wonders”

A song of freedom was whispering round me

Life is so closer to the one

that always seemed to be so far away

Cloudy clear blue sky was turning into a majestic one

A land of new hopes

A land of new dreams

Was waking up

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The touch of the sunsetting


“How pretty this moment is”

“How happy this life is”

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Each day brings it’s own joys & wonders with it

Just enjoy it!

Take a deep breath …

Life has so much to say …

Let it say it say it all!

Let it feel it all!

It’s our world

It’s our dreams

It’s our hopes

“Happy Blogging”






“Silence speaks itself “

Sometimes It’s good to be silent

Sometimes, it is necessary to keep silence

Keep Silence is good for others

Be silent is also symbolic for others

When everyone is speaking

But sometimes, your silence also speak itself

Silence do

Silence carry on spreading it’s meaning

Silence is powerful

“A meaningful silence is always better than a meaningless talk”

How could we always show that much restlessness to speak out

Without thinking

Without looking around

If our words hurt others

What If we just be silent

What if we don’t show the negativity to the people around us

Just let our mind think first

Let our silence says it all first



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Story of Life

What life gives you

What It takes away from you

How you feel about it

How you cherish about it

The way you regret it …

The way you enjoy it …

The mystery can’t be solved yet

The sight is still not visible

But the heart that always pray for it

Life is a untold story

It’s a plant

That bloom with full fragrance


Withers in the lap of nature



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Happy Weekend!

Walking along with the sunset 🌅

As talking about an amazing evening

I was along with my Mom

We had a great walk along with the setting of the sun

The cool breeze along with the flow of water was telling a whole new story

A story of calmness

A story of politeness

A story of lightness

The sight was just beyond

It was making a spell around us

Mom was feeling so relaxed so do I

Setting of the sun always make me feel so positive, so peaceful & full of life

There’s a world that is you just feel disappearing but a new Era that you can see rising on the other side.

These thoughts that always make a deep impact.

It may encourage you to catch the last remains of the day’s light

The sun is also symbolic of the mystery of life itself

By giving your time to your beloved ones

Always make you feel so satisfied with the setting of the sun !

“Happy Blogging”




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